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We at Yo Factor believe it is important to give back to the community. We offer organizations that support our community the opportunity to hold a giveback fundraiser at our store.

A giveback fundraiser is a simple fundraiser for all involved. Once a date is selected, we'll customize a flyer for your event. We also post the event in our store, on our website and through social media. We encourage the organization to also spread the word as much as possible. When someone brings in a flyer, mentions your organization or shows us the flyer on their phone during the dedicated fundraiser time slot, we track their orders and donate 20% of sales (pre-tax) back to your organization! It’s that simple!

BONUS INCENTIVE! Yo Factor will donate a $25 gift card as a raffle prize as a thank you to anyone who comes in to support your cause with a purchase once the event sales exceed $200. A sign up will be at the front counter during the event. A great way to further motivate your contacts to come out and support your cause!

Pictures from Past Events